Meet the
2019 Endorsed Candidates

The Concord Republican Party is proud to announce our four 2019 endorsed Republican candidates for Concord Council.

  • Proven Experience and Respected Leadership

  • Commitment to Enhancing Open Space and Quality of Life

  • Strategic Planning and Good Stewardship

John L. Crossan

  • Expert Banking and Investment Professional

  • Masters Degree in Business Administration

  • Active with various local charities.

Dana M. Rankin

Chairman's Corner

Dear Fellow Concord Republican,
 As we head into the campaign season and the May 21 Primary Election for local and County Municipal Government, including the election of our Magisterial District Judge,  Wendy B. Roberts, who is running for the Court of Common Pleas, I am asking for your support by way of volunteering to collect signatures for our supported candidates and attending fundraising events to assist with their treasury. Help us get out the vote by calling on our voter base to encourage their attendance at the polls.  Every moment of your time has a valuable impact on this important election to provide the best leadership representing our party values. The 2019 election cycle is a vital local election that will guide our local governments for the next four years.
Those who have lead Concord Township have a strong fiscal responsibility and concern for balanced growth, open space and providing good government to our citizens.
We ask you to cast your vote to support our endorsed candidates.

Thank you for your continued support of our elected officials and the good government they provide to the citizens of Concord Township.

Kevin P. O’Donoghue, Chairman

Paid for by Concord Republican Party, Marge Brown, Treasurer

Endorsed Candidates for Concord Township Council

Michael R. Harding

  • Trial Attorney in Philadelphia

  • Former Professional Tennis Player

  • Coach and Volunteer for BYC

  • Member of Concord Twp. Planning Comission

  • Served on Concord Twp. Open Space Committee.

Peter B. Pagano Jr.

  • Local Businessman

  • Boy Scouts and BYC Leader

  • Rotarian

  • BPA of Western Delco Member

  • Garnet Valley H.S. Post Prom leader

Introducing your Delaware County GOP-endorsed lineup for the 2019 Election! Thank you to everyone who participated in the process, and congratulations to all of our candidates!​

From Left to Right:

Mike Morgan (County Council)
James Raith (County Council)
Kelly Colvin (County Council)
Katayoun Copeland (District Attorney)
Chairman Tom McGarrigle
George Dawson (Court of Common Pleas)
Wendy Roberts (Court of Common Pleas)
Steven Gerber (Court of Common Pleas)
Beth Naughton Beck (Court of Common Pleas)